Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sprinkles & Giggles

Tonight, at home, we had the BEST time as a family! I was excited ALL DAY for American Idol to start. I had it all planned that we would eat dinner and have baths and be settled by the time it came on and could watch it all together! Well...of course as my life usually goes.....Life had a change of plans!
I got a terrible headache! So I didnt start dinner when we got home. Instead I found myself baking cupcakes. Which is not totally un-normal for me! B/c for me, a cupcake makes anything better!
(I am convinced that God has a lovely little bakery just waiting for me to come and run when He calls me home)
Anywho- So I started dinner later but my kids had fun getting to play outside.  And Emmi and I had enjoyed putting sprinkles all over our cupcakes, kitchen floor, sink & counters.
Can I just take a moment and say this-- I made those mini cupcakes tonight and BOY!! They were BLISS! CV literally pops them in his mouth like they are tic tacs! Typical! And arent Cupcakes just better with sprinkles?? YES!!
So it comes time to start dinner and spaghetti is the easiest choice.  We all sit down as a family to eat supper. And my kids are scarfing down their food! Brock says momma this is the best food! Wait...you made the best supper two nights in a row! AWWW.....my sweet Mommas Boy!
After dinner, CV cleans the kitchen & I go to bathe my spaghetti soaked children!  Witten and Emmi are giggling so hard in the tub.  I love their giggles!
So...the babes are dressed! The kitchen is clean and AI is already recording on the DVR!  CV and I sit down to start watching and we are laughing so hard at the tv.  We enjoy watching this together! We laugh at the same things. I am bawling everytime someone gets a golden ticket to Hollywood! We rewind certain parts over, just to hear Simon say it again!
Meanwhile, our children keep popping in and out of the room, wanting to be tickled or goosed! They are in the boys room laughing and playing with one another! Finally the show is over and the kids had been tucked in bed for a while. CV looks at me and says How funny are our kids?

I feel blessed to have giggles and sprinkles covering my house tonight!

Peace Out Homies!

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  1. I have a picture of my kids decorating Christmas cookies: Heather's 11, making beautiful cookies, Emily's 3, licking the icing off the knife, and Sam is 16 months old & sitting on the table with a sucker stuck on the front of his overalls, and he's shaking sprinkles like crazy - they're in the air, everywhere! Cherish these days - they are the ones you will remember forever!

    Love, Sharon