Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok Blogging world!  I have been missing my ability to say (or type in this case) what I feel and not have to be judged about it...mainly b/c I'm convinced only two people read my blog. (And my mother is NOT one of them) But I need to BLOG!!!
So I am feeling like a SUCKA!! (Thats Sucker said in New York Gangster voice)  I am a sucker for reality tv shows. I cry at almost all of them and for the most ridiculous reasons. Right now, I'm watching Regis and Kelly.  Which I watch maybe once every 6 months. The t.v. is usually turned on the Disney Channel.

Ok Tracey get back to what you were saying...

Ok So,..watching Regis and Kelly, and Nick Jonas is co-hosting with Kelly today. So already I'm excited b/c I'm sitting down with my cup of coffee and Nick Jonas is on tv. Who I secretly crush on the Jonas Bros.  Not that I think they are cute, b/c good nite..could they have more hair?? I just picture them when their all 40 and old and not popular anymore and are just covered in hair... ok there I go again..rambling!
So they do a contest between three girls are who outside the studio and whoever wins the contest gets to come sit inside and watch the show.  These girls are all about 13-14 years old and know every answer to the questions like it's nobodys' business....So one girl gets picked to come in and shes all happy but then.......Kelly lets the other two girls come in too. These two girls just act like they were handed the key to the golden gates.  They are crying and screaming and hugging each other. And What's Tracey Van Hoy doing???  She's on the couch blubbering like a baby over it..  A 27 year old, mother of 3, sitting at home in her sweat pants and Ugg Boots crying over three tweens getting to go sit inside a room with two famous people!

As I type this it makes me wonder...If I asked those three girls the same questions about Jesus would they know the answers as quickly???  Thats deep I know.....

Well....Thats all for today!
Peace Out Homies!


  1. HUSH! Keep blogging! You have a heck of a lot more "followers" than I do and I have been at this almost 6 months - you are a fabulous writer!
    By the way - very good point - you go girl!

  2. Thanks Lindsey! Right back at ya sista!!!

  3. ok just wanted to say I am reading them but just now figured out how to comment, but I have read them all and love reading them so no you are not a sucka! Sometimes I have to catch up and read a few at a time but I thoroughly enjoy them with my coffee in the keep it up. I have the link saved to my favorites:-).