Monday, January 18, 2010


I am sitting here in my recliner, as I do every night. Going through Blog after Blogs. I love reading women's thoughts. I found one tonight though, that has left me sitting here sobbing uncontrollably. I found one about a little girl named Kate. Kate is 5 and is fighting a fight that no little girl should ever have to face. She is fighting a brain tumor.  I read the Mother's thoughts and she blogged about her experience and just buried my head and bawled! I cannot imagine the burdens on her heart! Kate is the most beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl. I think its hitting me hard, because she looks like she would fit into the Van Hoy clan pretty easy!
Tonight, I went to a prayer service for Camon Stowell. Camon is 3 months old and a fighter already. He coded twice today but he fought his way back to his sweet momma and Daddy, Jenny & Jarrod.  My heart hurts for Jenny. I know she is scared. As would I be.  As I am. For Camon.
But, I know that Jesus is the ultimate healer. I am so thankful to be a child of God. I know that HE is holding Camon tonight in that PICU bed.  Just as He has His arms wrapped around my precious trio tucked away in their beds.
I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for having a God who loves us so much.  I ask God every night to protect our kids from any and everything evil. I pray that Jesus place a hedge of protection around our babies from satan.
I believe satan wants to destroy us. and I believe that he will attack us at any angle, including illness in our children. But the LORD WILL PREVAIL! I have faith in Him and Him alone!

When I came home from the prayer service, Emmi, as always, was waiting at the door and through the window glass she looked at me and squealed 'MOMMY!"  I immediately said a 'shooting star' prayer, as we call them at Mom's Day Out, that one day Jenny will hear Camon squeal like that for her and all of this will be just a season they went through.

In the sweetest name I know, Jesus Christ, I pray for you and your babies!

PS- I do have an awesome update on Witten that I will post soon, but my heart is too heavy. I do not feel that I have the strength to share on my own gifts (my kids) tonight!


To Read Kate's Story, just click here, but grab some tissues first!

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  1. Hey! I used to teach with Jenny. Could you let us know a little more of what is going on.
    Thanks, Ashley Gardner