Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like I needed this......

I am officially obsessed with BLOGS!!!  Not mine...but other women out there who have so much talent its just nauseating! I just spent 2 hours stalking and gaulking over one lady's blog. She has got great talent for decorating her house. She paints all old hand-me-down furniture. She makes her bedding. She creates all her own decorations....its just sick!!! And not to mention, she has three kids, to which she home-schools. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
I just dont know how she does it???  But...
I am going to give some things a try this year.
I hate New Years Resolutions b/c.....well....let's just be 'skrate up' (straight up) as CV & I would say, my ADD will not allow for me to maintain New Years Resolutions. Not to mention, that I have the will power of a  small goat.
But I do want to set Goals!
I like that word so much better.  They dont seem so....permanent.
I am going to sit down tonight and pray! I want God to show me what my goals need to be.
I want them to honor Him.
I want them to be realistic.
I want them to be new for me.
I am a terrible creature of habit. I get out of bed the same way every morning. In the shower, I bathe myself everyday the same way. My routine is the same everyday. I am ready for change!
I kinda feel like I'm campaigning for O'bama right now.
I want to better myself this year!

When I get my goals made....I'll post

til then...
Peace Out Homies!

Just wanted to share my pic for the day!
This is a testament of God at work in my sweet Witten. His sensories are so overloaded, but Witten is fighting them.  He is trying so hard to enjoy what most kids love!
And he did....for a few minutes!

Thank you Jesus for my precious Macabe!

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