Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Thursday morning I woke up to momma and my kids watching cartoons and eating junk food!  No wonder they love her so much!!  I couldn't wait to watch the Macys Day Parade with my kids, but they weren't quite old enough to really enjoy it yet, it lasted about 8.5 minutes.  So I put them to work. 
PS- CV and B were at the hunting camp, promising to be home by 1. 

Helping me stir my Sweet Potatoes

I heart that wing tip

There was just as much food in her mouth as was in the bowl!

Our 1st Thanksgiving in our home!
The next morning, I got up and hit Black Friday at 4 a.m.  I went shopping with two friends.  We had such a blast. The crowds werent terrible, in fact I didnt wait in line anywhere. We ended the morning at Strawns, all three of us ordered "The Big WOman Breakfast!"  
Meanwhile, CV was at home getting all three munchkins dressed and ready to go to Dallas, they picked me up in town and we hit the road!
We had a very special person to meet.
Peyton Elizabeth Van Hoy

This image will always make my heart skip a beat! 
I heart this big ole boy, especially when he's holding a little person!

This may have been my favorite moment of the weekend, only my kids could convince their Nana to let them blow candles and sing happy birthday to them, even when it someone else's birthday! Thanks Uncle Bubba for letting them taking the glory!!  

And then it got real quiet and it was because this little one had snuck into the kitchen for a snack!!

The next morning Nana always gets the kids to decorate her tree. I am always in awe of how she lets them put them wherever they want. I know she goes back and does a better job, but still she's the model of patience! 

The finished product! Good job Team!

So thankful for so much!! JESUS! CHRIS! B,W,& E! My momma, Daddy! My in-laws! My Church! My Friends!

Peace Out Hommies!


  1. The kids are getting so big!! Glad y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving in your new home. I loved the just moved card. Your babies are darling!!!