Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just a Few pics from my weekend!

I've had a great, laid back weekends. One of those do nothing but just hang out and relax kind of weekends!  Here's a few pics from my weekend, and yes most are of Emmi, but its b/c she's the only one that cannot be in a different room than me!
I recently heard a friend refer to this doll as "has some miles on her." Well she does, Emmi takes her everywhere she goes. And apparently she is concerned for her safety!

Friday morning, before work, I hung up these in Em's room. She adores them, calls them her "fya-flies"

While I was working Friday, Em went to Target with Mimi.  Momma sent me this pic and it said "Isnt getting her way."  I laughed all day at this photo!

I just bought this basket, it's for holding blankets in the living room, but I guess another baby doll will do for now!

Tonight, I cooked for my sister and Grandmother, after supper, CV showed off his "baby"
His 3D TV, I loved seeing Mom Toms wearing these glasses!!

That's All!
Peace Out Hommies!


  1. Poor Emmi! That is one of the most pitiful faces I've ever seen! Mimi needs to be nicer to that poor baby who I know NEVER gets her way! ;)

  2. iv seen that face before. yes 26 yrs ago once when a lady named tray didnt get her way. Love that little stink. Cant wait to see her. and these 3d glasses.