Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello Blog, How I have missed you!

I have missed rambling on here lately, but to be quite frank, my brain is just too tired to think of something to blog about.  And thats my own fault.  B/c my children give me plenty of material but I've been in a bit of a slump lately.  It seems I've been in a slump since 2010 rang in. But, 2010 isnt going anywhere for a while so I need to suck it up and DEAL!!!
A friend that I have come know a little better here lately, (and I have LOVED getting to know her better) told me today that I needed to update my blog!!  'Even just one picture' she said.  HO I wish I could.  BOTH of my cameras are in the shop.  HURRY UP NIKON, I feel like I'm missing my left arm. So, I dont have any great pics to share with you but ONE!

We are leaving to go snow skiing at CV's family house in Red River, New Mexico! WHOO HOO!!!!! Tonight we got all our gear out to see what still fit the kids.  Witten put his "doot" (suit) on and bawled when he had to take it off.  He is sooooo excited to go see snow!!
How cute is he???

So I cannot wait to get out of town for a little while... hoping to get some reading in, some fun in the snow with my kids and ski down a mountain with my hunny!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!


  1. Cute!!! Y'all have fun and ski a slope for me! Looking forward to doing fun vacations like that when ours are a little older!!!

  2. Thanks for the update! :) Annabelle loved seeing the picture of Witt Witt! He's so precious!

  3. Aw, Mom, why did you make him take his "doot" off? He looks so cute in it! I really love the huge goggles! Sam and Emily wore their Halloween cat costumes until they busted out of them (or Sam did, I don't think Emily ever outgrew hers - she eventually gave hers up for flashier costumes). And when Heather was 3, she wore her as-tall-as-she-was witch hat to the malls in Dallas, from Halloween all through the Christmas season and beyond.I adore children when they're this age!Witt Witt, don't grow up!

    Love, Sharon